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From Stewardess to Model

I met Rie during a business trip. She was a stewardess on my flight. The first moment I saw her, I thought ” I want to shoot her “. But it was not during this trip I proposed her to take her picture.

How many chance do you have to get the same stewardess going and coming back?

Well, when I boarded to come back home, she was there. You can be stupid once; it is forgiven, not twice.

So, I asked her whether she was doing modeling; she replied no, but I will do it for you 🙂

This is my favorite pic…




So busy…

I know that I haven’t  written a lot lately. I am working on my website. It is easy to generate a photo gallery with Photoshop, but to integrate galleries into the website is a completely different matter all together. Generating the website, etc is just boring & complex. Without talking about Mr HTML who speaks to me using an unknown language.

So the link exist, but there is not much on it for the moment

Be patient…

So what has happened in the past 2 weeks?

Family portrait! It was pretty cool. I got nice shots. I made a calendar based on the shots for my mother in law. I am just not satisfied with my printer Canon IP4000. So, for the important print, I will use a lab.

I had a big problem during this studio shoot: I’m using two Elinchrom Style RX600 and one made in china strobe. No problem with the Elinchrom, of course, but the made in china one moves 2 stops within 2 hours by itself. And this one was my fill light.

So, I’m waiting to go back to S’pore to get a Style RX300 for the hair light.

Last Saturday, I shot a Japanese stewardess. I met her on the flight KL – Tokyo. She was so pretty that I ask her to model for me. She has never done it before. I get a model; she gets nice shots. Everyone is happy. I still need to process the pictures.

And last, but not least, I have finished to process the Fine Art Nude- Theme Yoga that I did with Qyvonia. The gallery will be available on when the site will be ready.


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