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Post-process a raw chicken


I wanted to post-process my friend’s pics this morning when I opened by mistake a very old folder. And suddenly appeared … A Chicken!

No much to say about the pic, except it has been taken and abandoned by the photographer, which had absolutely no knowledge in photoshop at the time the picture has been taken.

Well, things have changed, and I decided to cook my raw chicken with an image adjustment auto, a gaussian blur, a multiply and finished by adding to the recipe a sharpening.

All these made this old pic a bit more tasty.





Original pic


Anonymous Insult on RAW format

This post is for the person who left an insult message on my blog because he disagrees with what I said in my post “White Balance vs RAW format”.

I have spammed him because he had not enough balls to identify himself.

Never mind, let’s reply to the IP living in Australia (thanks to WHOIS)

I have written that I don’t like to shoot in RAW format.


Let’s imagine that you have to shoot a race … It happened to me a week ago. I took around 500 pictures.
Do you really want to process the 500 pictures? or do you prefer to transfer the pictures from your camera straight to internet because you got the right exposure and the right white balance when you took the picture?

Same for Studio Photography, I will shoot in JPEG.

When do I shoot in RAW?

Outdoor or in a very challenging situations like high contrast pictures.

Does this make sense?

To do right the first time when you can … this is a principle of life … be proactive more than reactive.



White Balance vs RAW Format

Hi there,

Yeah, you got it, I’m anti-RAW format! There is another reason why people like to shoot in RAW format, apart from fixing the exposure; RAW format allows you to fix the white balance.

But one more time … why do you want to try to fix problem when it is soooo simple to avoid it. And this is much cheaper than trying to get the right exposure …

What do you need … a grey card ! you can get one for around USD 15! It will save you hours of photoshop (yeah… you got it … I don’t like photoshop as well)

So what’s this grey card and how to use it?

First step … You take a picture of your grey card with your camera at the place you want to shoot your photo.
Your photo should look like that :

Second Step … You go into your menu and select “manual white balance”; your camera asks you to select a photo. Select the one above.
Third Step … on the top display of your camera select the Manual White Balance; it looks like a double triangle next to the icons for “cloudy”, “flash”, etc.
Forth Step … Take your pictures because we are DONE!!!
See below the example:
On the left, the picture of my grey card without adjusting for White Balance. Everything has a yellow hue due to the yellow lighting of the room.
On the right, voila … the perfect picture taken in JPG !!!
Photo of my grey card without adjusting the white balance

After adjusting the White Balance

So … do you still want to shoot in RAW?


Flashmeter vs RAW format

Flash Master Sekonic L-358

Flash Master Sekonic L-358

Hi ! Today I would like to talk about … Flashmeter vs RAW format

Some of my colleagues interested in photography advise beginner photographer to always shoot in RAW format.

This is transforming a pleasure “the photography” into a nightmare. Frankly, what do you like? To pass one more hour taking pictures or to pass one hour modifying your picture on your computer because you messed it up when you took it.

Personally, I don’t like my computer. I want my picture to be perfect when i take it. I refuse to be bothered by correcting my exposure and transforming the RAW into JPG.

The solution … the FLASHMETER. It works inside as well as outside. You enter few parameters like Ambient Light, Flash, ISO, Shutter speed priority or aperture priority and IT’S DONE!

Put your camera in manual mode and enter the aperture and shutter speed given by your flashmeter!

Do you see the white ball on top. It’s used to measure the light on 3D objects.

Example: You want to take a Portrait of your latest girlfriend… what do you think? her face is flat (if yes, change of girlfriend) or in three dimensions? So the lighting must be measured in three dimension as well to obtain a PERFECT EXPOSURE.

So forget the RAW format, buy a flashmeter and shoot in JPG format.

Next Post will be about the White Balance …

One day, I will also tell you of the wonderful photography “supermarket” in San Francisco where I got my Sekonic.


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