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not in love with HDR

Since I am not in love with the HDR, let’s come back to REAL photography post-processing. I decided to go in the very Highkey today…




Capturing the first moment


Nowadays, pregnancy includes surfing. Not with a board, but more with a mouse.

The future mum and dad are very busy googling and yahooing to find a name!!! the baby name.

Sorry for adding to your surfing, but have you thought about capturing the first moment with your baby.  What about a fine art photography of your baby, or you and your baby.

This will be your first family picture.

Close google and yahoo.  Visit my website :

Because baby portraiture is something I have never done yet, I will not charge the first 5 clients for my time.
Only for the pictures you want me to print will be charged.

EVEN BETTER !!! I am giving to the first baby 5 prints free.

(do not forget, I am based in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 😉

See you soon,



Chinese New Year gave me the necessary time to complete my website. It was not an easy thing, but it’s done …


Enjoy the visit and talk to your friend about it 😉




Few days ago, I was taking outdoor corporate photos of my friend Raghbir.

And I decide to go off the road for one picture.

This is the result after post-processing…




Elinchrom vs Made in China


As you may have read in a previous post,  I bought 2 months ago a pair of Elinchrom style RX600. They are really great. This is a very good buy. But accessories are very expensive. I bought some at the same time Honeycomb, small umbrella, small softbox, but when I saw the price of the big softbox, I decided to postpone the investment.

Well, last Saturday, I needed to do family portrait. So I bought an hexagonal softbox 120cm made in china.

Why made in china?

First, because in Malaysia, as far as I know, you can not find Elinchrom.

Second, because instead of RM1,300 for the Elinchrom,  I paid RM 174 for the made in China.

Any difference? The pictures are the same. Why spending so much?


  • To build my Elinchrom Softbox, I need approximately one and half minute
  • To build the made in china one, I needed 20 mins!!! But more importantly, you can not dismount it.

Luckily, I am planning to buy a pickup, so I left it like that. But if you need to shoot in location, just forget it!!!

What happened to Qyvonia? ya, I know, I was supposed to shoot her on Saturday. She had to cancel for personal reason, so shot the family portrait and even my auto-portrait.

I will be processing the pics this week.



The Solitude of Ernest

Ernest lives alone in his house, on the edge of FRIM forest. He passes most of his time on his balcony. I wanted to interview him, but he was not in mood to.


Family Portrait without muslin backdrop

We arrived at the restaurant on Wednesday to celebrate Ah Mah’s birthday. The restaurant told us on the phone that we will be able to shoot the family photo on the stage.

Stage Dimension: 3m x 1.2m. If I had setup the backdrop, there would not be enough space for people to stand up; so forget it. To add to this, THEIR backdrop was a kind a wood, which created a wonderful white spot behind the people. Quite chaotic!

whatever … Ah Mah was obvsiously very happy … Happy Birthday Ah Mah (on the left with her sister).

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