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HDR: First Step

A friend told me about HDR this week.

The principle is the following:

1- Taking three RAW pics on a tripod of the same thing

2- AEB -2 / 0 / +2

3- Upload the 3 pics in a magic product [photomatix]

And magic, a new pic is born.

Photomatix: Bad. I’m sorry to have to say that, but it creates a lot of color artefact, spoiling your image.

I started thinking … the concept is wonderful. It can be used. But it should be used like all other image manipulations. Meaning via layers.

I read on a blog someone doing it using MERGE TO HDR in photoshop. For your information, photoshop displays the following message when you try to use it … “Quality will be lost; you should not use this feature” …something like that.

This is my first HDR pic. I did a very big mistake, which explained the poor quality. My ISO was set @ 640. I forgot to change it from my last photo shoot. It should be the lowest possible. 100 or even 50 if your camera allows you to do so.

You have to use the following layer in this order:

  • Copy of the backdrop
  • Layer +2 (overlay or light)
  • Layer -2 (overlay)
  • Layer 0 (which is the perfect exposure)

Do not hesitate to play with the blending.

Why do I copy the original pic on top of the other layer? To reveal only the interesting color of the HDR and keep the quality of the original pic.

(of course, this pic is a bad example since I was using the ISO640!!!)

But the concept is here …




Thanks Photoshop…

My previous two last posts (6 pictures about Thaipusam) have been taken with around 1 million people around me.

So how come there is no one around this woman?


I guess I used only 0.5% of the photoshop features to clean it up. This was the original pic …




Post-process a raw chicken


I wanted to post-process my friend’s pics this morning when I opened by mistake a very old folder. And suddenly appeared … A Chicken!

No much to say about the pic, except it has been taken and abandoned by the photographer, which had absolutely no knowledge in photoshop at the time the picture has been taken.

Well, things have changed, and I decided to cook my raw chicken with an image adjustment auto, a gaussian blur, a multiply and finished by adding to the recipe a sharpening.

All these made this old pic a bit more tasty.





Original pic


Rie, same picture, but post-processed

Hi there,

I tried to re-post-process the pic of Rie I posted before…




Learning Experience in Bangkok

Hi There,

You can always learn by yourself; but what best can you achieve? I don’t believe in a self-made artiste. Being trained by someone much better than yourself is part of the learning process.

It is the reason why I flew to Bangkok.

Why Manny and not another photographer? Because he is a master in post-processing. And the post-processing, it is something I do not really do.

Those who have seen my past pictures will be a bit surprised.

I took and processed these pictures last Saturday…





Important tip: Do you really need a powerpack strobe @ USD3000 when you have a reflector at USD30? NO…keep your money for something else. Of course, you need the sun. Outside Malaysia where it is summer the whole year, you may still need a fake sun…


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