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Capturing the first moment


Nowadays, pregnancy includes surfing. Not with a board, but more with a mouse.

The future mum and dad are very busy googling and yahooing to find a name!!! the baby name.

Sorry for adding to your surfing, but have you thought about capturing the first moment with your baby.  What about a fine art photography of your baby, or you and your baby.

This will be your first family picture.

Close google and yahoo.  Visit my website :

Because baby portraiture is something I have never done yet, I will not charge the first 5 clients for my time.
Only for the pictures you want me to print will be charged.

EVEN BETTER !!! I am giving to the first baby 5 prints free.

(do not forget, I am based in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 😉

See you soon,



Chinese New Year gave me the necessary time to complete my website. It was not an easy thing, but it’s done …


Enjoy the visit and talk to your friend about it 😉




Few days ago, I was taking outdoor corporate photos of my friend Raghbir.

And I decide to go off the road for one picture.

This is the result after post-processing…




Quest for a model

In my quest to become an accomplished semi-pro photographer, i need to build my portfolio. It is at this moment that you stop asking your friends to model for you and try to find A MODEL.

As a blogger, the natural reflex is to open a new page and Google MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY and your country.

You discover plenty of agencies and websites. You just need to register yourself to get your access – which is limited if you don’t pay – to a model database.

Wonderful !

Oh, I’ve just forgotten … when you register as photographer, they ask for your portfolio … On one, I’ve used Angeline and Sarah’s pictures. On the other one, I used Lucie 🙂

Let’s come back to the Model Database. Fill in your criteria … and voila, you have 250 models appearing. You choose one, write her an email describing your project, your idea, the location, etc.

No reply.

Never mind, write to another one, changing a bit your text; maybe the wording was not right the first time.

No reply.

After 5 / 6, you just really want to write … “Oi, are you free on this date lah?”

This is what happened using the website …

So I asked another photographer whether this website is real or fake. He replied that it’s very seldom models reply. This website is more used to get contacts with agencies.

He advised me to try

So far, almost all the models I’ve contacted via this website have replied. They are all very friendly! Got one model from this site for an indoor photo shoot first week of September.

Will update you …


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