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wow … one and half year without post

I was wondering where to post this pic of the telecom tower / Kuala  Lumpur, when I remembered that I had a blog!!!

Here we go …

Menara TM


HDR: First Step

A friend told me about HDR this week.

The principle is the following:

1- Taking three RAW pics on a tripod of the same thing

2- AEB -2 / 0 / +2

3- Upload the 3 pics in a magic product [photomatix]

And magic, a new pic is born.

Photomatix: Bad. I’m sorry to have to say that, but it creates a lot of color artefact, spoiling your image.

I started thinking … the concept is wonderful. It can be used. But it should be used like all other image manipulations. Meaning via layers.

I read on a blog someone doing it using MERGE TO HDR in photoshop. For your information, photoshop displays the following message when you try to use it … “Quality will be lost; you should not use this feature” …something like that.

This is my first HDR pic. I did a very big mistake, which explained the poor quality. My ISO was set @ 640. I forgot to change it from my last photo shoot. It should be the lowest possible. 100 or even 50 if your camera allows you to do so.

You have to use the following layer in this order:

  • Copy of the backdrop
  • Layer +2 (overlay or light)
  • Layer -2 (overlay)
  • Layer 0 (which is the perfect exposure)

Do not hesitate to play with the blending.

Why do I copy the original pic on top of the other layer? To reveal only the interesting color of the HDR and keep the quality of the original pic.

(of course, this pic is a bad example since I was using the ISO640!!!)

But the concept is here …




Capturing the first moment


Nowadays, pregnancy includes surfing. Not with a board, but more with a mouse.

The future mum and dad are very busy googling and yahooing to find a name!!! the baby name.

Sorry for adding to your surfing, but have you thought about capturing the first moment with your baby.  What about a fine art photography of your baby, or you and your baby.

This will be your first family picture.

Close google and yahoo.  Visit my website :

Because baby portraiture is something I have never done yet, I will not charge the first 5 clients for my time.
Only for the pictures you want me to print will be charged.

EVEN BETTER !!! I am giving to the first baby 5 prints free.

(do not forget, I am based in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 😉

See you soon,



Chinese New Year gave me the necessary time to complete my website. It was not an easy thing, but it’s done …


Enjoy the visit and talk to your friend about it 😉




Few days ago, I was taking outdoor corporate photos of my friend Raghbir.

And I decide to go off the road for one picture.

This is the result after post-processing…




Isabella in Heritage Hotel

Hi Everyone,

First, I would like to thank Lloyd, the Heritage Hotel manager, who has accepted to let me do this photo shoot with Isabella at the hotel.

My theme: Travel and Solitude

Location of Chapter 1: Old KTM railway station in Kuala Lumpur and the Heritage Hotel

I arrived Saturday morning at 9:00 AM at the hotel; set my lighting up, turned around not less than 3 times to decide where I will take the pictures. I got a bad surprise when I get there … I wanted to shoot Isabella on the balcony, with at her back the KTM building; unfortunately, they haven’t removed all the Malaysian flags yet from the Merdeka celebrations. I have nothing against the flag, but it did not really fit into the themes for my pictures. Nevermind, I will have to choose the right angle.

So, I brougth my studio lighting, stands, 2 senses and my new flash; this was a bit risky. I received it on Thursday. No much time to try it.

We started the session around 10 am and finished before 1 pm.

So, to my colleagues who saw me entering or leaving the hotel with a young and beautiful woman…  sorry, no need to run into my wife’s office; she is aware and agreeable 😉

I had two challenges during this session:

1- The pictures in the staircases, with just the flash, in term of lighting. Some shadows appeared where I was not able to bring my backlight.

2- It the train station by itself. This new flash METZ Mecablitz 58 AF-1 digital E-TTL II is very nice, but killed my battery in 1 hour. No choice, I will have to buy the Power-Pack 76. I finished the session with a few blur pictures taken at 1/8 s. Powerful flash needs powerful battery. By the way, it’s very easy to use.

Hey, let’s not forget the most important person of this photo shoot … Isabella. Very good model, she knows what to do even before you ask her. I wanted a model who was able to give me sad expressions… she was perfect. Just do not ask her to smile! Sad … She looks naturally sad and beautiful at the same time.

Still a lot to process, but these are my twelve favorite pics…

Let me know what you think about the pictures,



Quest for a model 2 [meeting with my model]

Hi There,

Yesterday, I met my model; the first model who is not one of my “volunteer” friends.  Discussed about the theme, the place, scenario, make-up, dressing. The photo session is on next Saturday.

Couple of weeks ago, I was discussing with another model; she needed someone to do her make-up, was asking me to provide wardrobe.

Isabella is so much easier to deal with. She does her make-up herself, and she has dresses that I had in mind for the shoot!!!

But I guess I will have to get used to the STAR behavior … Do professional photographers really invest in model’s clothes? If yes, I can now understand why all the models have the same size !

Anyway, after this interesting meeting I went to Ampang Lookout Point, which offer a very interesting view of Kuala Lumpur …

Kuala Lumpur 2008

Kuala Lumpur 2008

In one week time, I should be able to share some of my shots of Isabella …


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