Dear Friends & Visitors,

There is a difference between a wish list and a dream list…

My wish list contains the coming new version of the CANON 5D, a Porsche 911, the Beneteau First 50 and retire early.

Getting the replacement of the 5D depends more on Canon than on my bank account.

Getting the Porsche 911 depends more on my bank account that on Porsche. I could do it, but is it reasonable? Take a loan? No way! Sorry Mister banker, but i refuse to take a loan to buy a car.

I prefer to go to restaurant everyday than buying a Porsche. It’s still a choice… euh … really ? what about continuing to go to restaurant everyday in Porsche … euh … this … cannot!

Getting a Beneteau First 50 is more a challenge, but I expect that around 50 years old, I will be able to afford it. Wait and see; I’m working on it.

What will be on this page is what I dream and will never be able to get… Can you help me, are you a genie?

Welcome to my DREAM LIST…


DREAM No 1: Having my parents visiting me in Malaysia.

I have been leaving in Malaysia since 2003; I go back to France once or twice a year. My mother is claustrophobic; She cannot enter in a plane. She did it twice; it was the worse experience of her life. She does not want to do it anymore. I made a movie, kind of virtual visit of my apartment, but it is not the same thing.

Even sharing is difficult…


DREAM N0 2: To get my son with me in Malaysia.

He’s actually living with his mother. It’s hard to see him only once or twice a year.


DREAM NO 3: China to respect the human rights and human being.

How a country so powerful can still kill innocents and be in war against monks!

China … leave the Tibet in peace.



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