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Thanks Photoshop…

My previous two last posts (6 pictures about Thaipusam) have been taken with around 1 million people around me.

So how come there is no one around this woman?


I guess I used only 0.5% of the photoshop features to clean it up. This was the original pic …




The faces of Thaipusam (more pictures)





The faces of Thaipusam

We woke up at 2:00am this morning, Sunday 8th of Feb 2009 and left for Batu Cave [Malaysia] to try to get nice shots of the Thaipusam festival. We came back at 6:00am, slept a bit and started to post-process the pics at 10:00am.

First results…




I will process more after lunch,



Beautiful Honfleur

Honfleur is a small town in the department of Calvados in Normandy, located on the southern bank of the estuary of the river Seine.

You can find a lot of villages in Normandy who have not really changed for the past 150 years.

But here, it is the whole town which has not changed. The buildings, houses are the same.

Honfleur has been painted many times by Impressionist like Claude Monet, Gustave Courbet.

So, if you do not have enough money to buy a Monet, look at these pictures…


Flying to Bangkok on Friday

Hello there,

Wifey and I are supposed to flight to Bangkok this Friday for a one full day photogaphy lesson with Manny, a photography mentor.

For the moment, the airport is closed. Such a pain; we have planned this trip 3 months ago!!!

Go / no Go … don’t know yet! Hopefully, they will reopen there airport tomorrow ­čśŽ


How to make Calvados? (2)

Hi there,

We have now our cidre (cider), which will be the base to make our Calvados.

What we will need to do to obtain our Calvados is to bring the temperature of the cider around 78’C.

Not 100’C !!! If you heat it too much, you will get water inside your Calvados. And everyone knows that water is not good for wealth!!!


I found this very nice schema on wiki.

The Impure Liquid is our cider. At 78’C, the alcohol will evaporate and go to the right. We need these alcohol gas to become liquid again.

We use cold water to decrease the temperature in the tube and transform the alcohol gas into CALVADOS first distillation.

Then, you take the distiller liquid and you repeat the distillation process a second time.

Now, you’ve got a calvados that you will be able to drink in 8 to 25 years time, depending how patient you are and what taste you are looking for.

OH!!!! sorry, you will need to put your calvados in a barrel 2/3 filled to age. Not more. The wood of the barrel influences the taste of the calvados. During our visit, we were told that some factories have barrels of more than 100 years old, with the oldest at over 400 years, and all are still being used in production.

Please give me your feedback in 8 years.

This is what the professional use:



Abbey of Le Mont Saint-Michel

The day before we left France was sunny. I played the tourist guide for Angeline. Since William and I have never visited the Abbey, it was a very interesting day for all of us.

Angeline will remember her dessert … Apple crepe drowned in one litre of calvados !!!

Le Mont Saint-Michel

“A tower in the heart of an immense bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe.

It was at the request of the Archangel Michel ┬ź┬áchief of the celestial militia┬á┬╗ that Aubert, Bishop of Avranches built and consecrated a small church on the 16th October 709. In 966 a community of Benedictines settled on the rock at the request of the Duke of Normandy and the pre-Romanesque church was built before the year one thousand.

In the 11th century, the Romanesque abbey church was founded over a set of crypts where the rock comes to an apex, and the first monastery buildings were built up against its north wall.

In the 12th century, the Romanesque monastery buildings were extended to the west and south.

In the 13th century , a donation by the king of France, Philip Augustus , in the wake of his conquest of Normandy, enabled a start to be made on the Gothic section of the “Merveille “: two three-storey buildings, crowned by the cloister and the refectory.

In the 14th century, the Hundred Years War made it necessary to protect the abbey behind a set of military constructions, enabling it to hold out against a siege lasting 30 years.

In the 15th century, the Romanesque chancel of the abbey church, broken down in 1421 was replaced by the Gothic Flamboyant chancel.

With Rome and Saint Jacques de Compostelle, this great spiritual and intellectual centre, was one of the most important places of pilgrimage for the Medieval occident. For nearly one thousand years men, women and children went there by roads called ┬ź┬ápaths to paradise┬á┬╗ hoping for the assurance of eternity, given by the Archangel of judgement ┬ź┬áPeseur des ames┬á┬╗.

The Abbey was turned into a prison during the days of the French Revolution and Empire, and needed to be restored before the end of the 19th century.

With the celebration of the monastic’s 1000th anniversary,in the year 1966 a religious community moved back to what used to be the abbatial dwellings, perpuating prayer and welcome the original vocation of this place. Friars and sisters from “Les Fraternit├ęs Monastiques de Jerusalem” have been ensuring a spiritual presence since the year 2001.

At the same time as the abbey was developping a village grew up from the Middle Age.It flourished on the south-east side of the rock surrounded by walls dated for the most part from the Hundred Years war.This village has always a commercial vocation.

UNESCO has classed the Mont Saint-Michel as a world heritage in 1979.”

For more information, visit this website.


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