Crappy Conference + studio lighting

Hi All,

Sorry, I was away these few last days for a conference in Singapore. A complete waste of time and money!

When I think 1) I passed two nights away from my wife and 2) my employer pays SGD 2,xxx for me to attend that crappy conference, I just feel sick.

These guys have even given me a Certificate of Participation!!! barrrrhhhhh saying that I participated as a Speaker in the Equity Market & Investment Forum.

No, I was not speaker and I will never be speaker for them!


The conference finishing at 5:00 PM, I did not know what to do.

So, first, I bought my wife’s favorite perfume. My hotel was at 10 mins walk from Orchard Road.

Second mission: To find a curved body pillow 😦 I visited quite a number of shops before giving up. Sorry Darling, but Singapore does not have any curved body pillow!!!

Third mission: To get some information on Elinchrom Studio Lighting at Cathay Photo, Peninsula Plaza.
How to say that? I brought back to my hotel a lot of information. To be precised, I brought 14 kgs of information, well packaged (2 Style RX600, 2 umbrellas, 1 softbox, the EL wireless devices, honeycomb, etc)

It is such a relieve to say bye bye to the triggering wires between camera, flashmeter and strobes!!! Moreover the strobe management from the laptop is pretty powerful.

Yes I know, I will have to show you some results. I need to familiarize with these new lights, and I’ll change the gear.

Stop spending money… 2009 will be the payback year hopefully.



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