Muslin backdrop for Family Portrait

Hi there,

Tomorrow, for our Muslim friends is Eid Mubarak; for us it’s Ah Mah’s birthday (meaning my wife’s Grandma’s birthday). The whole family in law will be there and me and me and me.


Suddenly, the whole family wants to dress up because I’m coming. Some even imagine that i’ll do studio photo in the restaurant!?!

So, you know what? … 🙂 I’ll do it!

One flash, one stand with a small backlight (ya my new Morris) and my second Morris for the bounce on top of the stand and it’s done.

Done? euh almost… the backdrop … a 15 feet role of paper. forget it. So went to see Rajah again and bought a muslin backdrop. Folded, it is not bigger than a bedsheet.

You will get to see the result on Saturday.



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