Spyder 3 Elite gave me a brand new screen


I have a very bad habit and my wife is now very suspicious when I return from overseas business trips.

Does she think …”Did he cheat on me?”

No … she thinks … “what the hell has he bought for his camera this time round?”

hehe 🙂 Why overseas business trips? Cos everything is cheaper elsewhere except Malaysia.

The last thing I bought was the SPYDER 3 Elite! I have always hesitated to spend my money on this weird device. On the other hand, I have two screens connected to my mac: one formac and one samsung; and I have always been using my formac to process my pictures, because the samsung’s colors were very crappy.

After to have calibrated twice my monitors with this spyder, the colors of my Samsung screen are even nicer than the Formac. It consistently measures the ambiance light to adjust your screen’s parameters.

Good Investment!

You can find all the explanation on the following website:


What else will I buy next time ?


1 Response to “Spyder 3 Elite gave me a brand new screen”

  1. 1 Moriazi
    October 5, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    Just tell your lovely wife… that you will only cheat her on things she cannot provide…. Photography..

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