Chapter 2: People go sailing to drink beer!

My idea of sailing was and is still is total freedom and to have access to islands, lands where it is difficult or impossible to go.

Imagine yourself on a 45 footers, approaching heaven … an island, beautiful beach, palm trees, few beach huts, and almost no one around, silent.

Suddenly, you hear …. “yerrrrrrr, no bar, no beer, let’s go somewhere else!”

I’m not joking, I’m not being dramatic … This actually happened.

They dragged our asses away from that to an Australian Beach Party with crappy bars serving expensive warm beers. But it was beer; this was the most important part.They don’t bloody care about the rest. And this happened day after day.

Never mind, during this trip, we saw beautiful islands, even if we are the only ones to enjoy it.

Could it have been better? yes … with wind. A guy, who sails on a trimaran told me later, that when the wind blows strong enough, the beer is forgotten.


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