Chapter1: Drink & Sailing, you must do both at the same time…

When I was in France, I used to sail the weekend on a lake, on what we call, a. sailing dinghy. Small, fun and a lot of action because it is very responsive to the wind.

After I moved to Malaysia, this has been forgotten, as a lot of other things; But this need to be on the sea, to feel the wind of my face was stronger and stronger year after year. Finally, beginning of this year, I pushed my wifey to take sailing lessons with me. We enrolled in the RYA competent crew training, at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club.

This was not anymore a dinghy, but a Jeanneau 36 footer. Interesting, but slow. Luckily, on the last day of our 5 days course, we had 24 knots of wind, which push our fatty Jeanneau to 8.4 knots.

To give you an idea … for those who live in Malaysia … at the speed of 8.4 knots, you will need 10 hours to go from Port Dickson to Port Klang.

Proud of our new RYA certificate, we decided to gain more experience, and so we subscribed to the milescatcher program… 7 days and nights on a sailing boat … 500 miles … 4 nights sailing on a Jeanneau 45 footer!!!

Looks Great!!!

We would be sailing from Tioman Island to Ko Samui, visiting on the way, Pulau Tulai, Pulau Tenggul, Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian.

Looks Great!!!

Reality no’1

– No Wind during the day; so we were obliged to use continuously the engine.

– Storm during the night; so we were obliged to use continuously the engine.

What do you want to do during 7 days on a sailing boat when there is NO F*CKING WIND?

Possibility n’1: Make love, not sailing

The sailing boat is under the sun, no shadow at all … 34′ outside … 45′ inside.

ya ya ya … you are all thinking so, do it outside; you guess there are not so many boats around. Unfortunately, we were with another couple on this boat … too bad

Possibility n’2: Drink Beer.

When we came on board, we have discovered that there were 3 times more beer than water. It was funny. We understood later why. The other couple was opening the first beer at 9 am. Average consumption per person 9 beers a day.

One more time, there is nothing to do on a sailing boat when there is no wind … And around Malaysia … it is 80% no wind 15% storm!!!

Reality no’2:

I’ll tell you tomorrow. Good night!


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