Quebec: From Mosquitos to Carnivorous Flies

Hi Everyone,

I’ve always heard people around me saying “ah! Paris would be so nice without the Parisians”. You have understood, I’m not from Paris!

In Quebec, Canada, it is different. People are very nice, very friendly. The parasites – Parisians – of Quebec state are the mosquitos!!!

I was planning my vacations, when one of my friends, who has been living in Quebec for few years came …

– Where are you going in Quebec? Sophie asked me.

So I showed her the map… Les Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Alma, Lac St Jean…

– Oh, if you go there, you have to bring mosquito repellent.

– Is it really bad?

– Yes, more than you can imagine. Are you going more in the north?

– Yes.

– Ok, if you go more to the north, there is no more mosquito because it is too cold.

– Great!

– Instead, you will find carnivorous flies. They can eat you thru your jeans.

I am a smart guy … we brought 3 bottles of insect repellent with us. It was completely useless!!! The Canadian mosquitos are very nationalist! They die when you use a Canadian Insect Repellent ONLY!!!

Don’t worry, it’s is like that only in June and July. Just plan carefully your vacations; Otherwise you will have to take your diner like that…

But forget the mosquitos … Quebec is very beautiful …

What did I like most during this trip?

We have driven around 3000 miles; My favorite part was at the beginning of the journey, between Montreal and Quebec, via les Trois-Rivieres. Don’t use the highway!!! You would miss a lot. After this first 300 miles, our vacation was spoiled by the mosquitos! I know … I said forget the mosquitos … but don’t forget .. DO NOT GO THERE IN JUNE/JULY !



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