Finally !!!

Human Right Walk 2007

I will not tell you how much I sold it for. I cannot even get anything from Starbucks … But I don’t care! I sold one !

Everything started when my colleague & friend, Moriazi saw some of my “Product” pictures. He told me that he loves my new pictures and I should try to sell them. I suddenly got very excited and uploaded 8 new “Product” pictures and 2 older editorials into one internet photobank … just to test.

Moriazi, I have still not sold any of my “Product” pictures … everyone looks at them, but no one buys … Nevermind, thanks for the idea! I got 1 liter of gas free!


1 Response to “I SOLD MY FIRST PICTURE!!!”

  1. 1 Santiago
    August 17, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    Congratulations. Well done…well it’s the beginning and a sale is a sale…Cheers.

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