White Balance vs RAW Format

Hi there,

Yeah, you got it, I’m anti-RAW format! There is another reason why people like to shoot in RAW format, apart from fixing the exposure; RAW format allows you to fix the white balance.

But one more time … why do you want to try to fix problem when it is soooo simple to avoid it. And this is much cheaper than trying to get the right exposure …

What do you need … a grey card ! you can get one for around USD 15! It will save you hours of photoshop (yeah… you got it … I don’t like photoshop as well)

So what’s this grey card and how to use it?

First step … You take a picture of your grey card with your camera at the place you want to shoot your photo.
Your photo should look like that :

Second Step … You go into your menu and select “manual white balance”; your camera asks you to select a photo. Select the one above.
Third Step … on the top display of your camera select the Manual White Balance; it looks like a double triangle next to the icons for “cloudy”, “flash”, etc.
Forth Step … Take your pictures because we are DONE!!!
See below the example:
On the left, the picture of my grey card without adjusting for White Balance. Everything has a yellow hue due to the yellow lighting of the room.
On the right, voila … the perfect picture taken in JPG !!!
Photo of my grey card without adjusting the white balance

After adjusting the White Balance

So … do you still want to shoot in RAW?


1 Response to “White Balance vs RAW Format”

  1. August 12, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    great simple step by step helpful advice. I too do not fancy RAW nor photoshop and will be sure to try out what you’ve written.

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