Photographer / Blogger… Do I have the choice?

Hi everyone !

I wanted to create my OWN website; put my picture, talk about hardware, etc; something simple when, suddenly, my wife came and said …

– yerr, a website… such an old concept… you should create your blog, it’s much more interactive.

So, here I am.

By the way, I am a French photographer, living in Malaysia since 2003, trying to overpass the amateur status.

Started the photography many years ago; at this period, no digital camera. But have always been taking vacations pictures; nothing else.

And then, in Dec 2006, i bought my Canon 30D and discovered that all the pictures I could not take before with the point-and-shoot became “shootable” with it.

Ohhhh thank you Canon. This was the beginning of a very expensive passion … Being A Photographer.

Let come back to the title of this post…

For the past few months, I have been shooting my wife, my friends in studio, and I will start soon to do some session with amateur models. I feel the need -1- to share my work to get some feedback and -2- to show my models and persons allowing me to shoot in their premises what they can expect.

I invite you to visit my flickr …




1 Response to “Photographer / Blogger… Do I have the choice?”

  1. 1 Sree
    August 9, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    You got a very smart wife, who advised you to blog.
    Let me admire the photos. All the best Gerald.

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